Acupuncture for Athletes

There are three main types of athletic injury that we treat at Juniper. The first is traumatic injury. This is an injury that can be traced back to a specific episode. This could be a trip, fall, or improper movement that can often cause immediate pain. This can include a strain of the muscle or tendon, sprain of a ligament, tear, contusion (bruising of bone or soft tissue), dislocation or fracture. 

The second type of athletic injury is a repetitive stress injury. This is often seen in sports that use similar motions in large volume. An example of this would be tennis, golf, running, weight lifting, throwing and more.  

The third injury is a combination of the acute specific incident of injury that overlies a pre-existing chronic or repetitive stress injury. Chronic injury such as a history of sprain, strain, fracture or even arthritis as well as a pre-existing repetitive stress injury can predispose a person to injure themselves with movements that would not have caused the same extent of injury. 

In all the above cases acupuncture, cupping, gua sha, electrical stim and soft tissue manipulation can be used to reduce inflammation, nourish and heal soft tissue, and bone.

* For first time patients, initial consultations are necessary for thorough exam, diagnosis and treatment plan in addition to treatment. Please choose the first option if you have never seen Angelica Acton LAc before.