Dietary Consultation

Dietary Consult is recommended for those who have digestive disorders, food allergies or suspected food allergies, for those who are looking to lose weight or gain weight and those who want to change their diet for the better but lack the knowledge.

Chinese Dietetics is based on a few key principles one of which is to eat as seasonally as possible. Food grown locally and is therefore in season provides the proper nutrition and nourishment needed for the body to be in balance in each phase of the year.

Initial consultations run about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes, and may or may not include acupuncture to support digestion. Follow-up consultations run an hour and do include treatment. We will run through your current diet, find areas that need improvement and find strengths to build on.

* For first time patients, initial consultations are necessary for thorough exam, diagnosis and treatment plan in addition to treatment. Please choose the first option if you have never seen Angelica Acton LAc before.