Gua Sha / Cupping

Cupping or decompression therapy is a modality of healing that dates back thousands of years and has seemingly developed independently in various countries.

Cupping works to loosen tight muscles and by doing so allows for increased blood flow through the targeted muscle or tissue. Cupping works best combined with acupuncture treatment, but can also work well as a stand-alone treatment.

Patients often find this therapy relaxing and can be described as an inverse massage, instead of applying pressure, cupping pulls on the muscles and tendons, usually giving patients immediate relief. Cupping is used for pain, muscle tension, for the relief of stress as well as cold/flu and chest congestion.

Gua Sha also known as Graston technique is another ancient technique using scraping to smooth out adhesions in muscles, tendons and other tissues. These adhesions prevent the proper movement of tissues causing them to be tight and constricted effectively preventing proper blood flow and nourishment of the tissue. Gua sha serves to reach smaller and harder to reach areas on the body that cups cannot reach and in addition to pain, is also used for cold/flu and chest congestion.