Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbal Medicine is the oldest form of Chinese Medicine, pre-dating even acupuncture. Many herbal formulas we use today are the same used for thousands of years. Herbs are often prescribed to be taken orally for internal conditions in tablet, tincture, or granule form that is then consumed as a tea. Topically applied herbs in the form of lineaments, patches and compresses can also be used for injury.

Thousands of studies in China and many in the U.S. have proven the efficacy of properly prescribed and sourced Chinese herbs and formulas and have little side effects, especially in comparison to western medications.

Juniper only sources herbs from companies that have strict and repeated quality control testing. There are a few Chinese herbs that should not be prescribed with specific western medications, this is why it is important to tell Juniper all the medications you are currently taking.

Herbs work congruently with Acupuncture, proper diet and exercise to heal the body, decrease stress and prevent disease.